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How to find us prof. dr. D.J. (Daan) Touw

Research interests






Improving the aseptic transfer procedures in hospital pharmacies part C: Evaluation and redesign of the transfer process

A fast and simple method for the simultaneous analysis of midazolam, 1-hydroxymidazolam, 4-hydroxymidazolam and 1-hydroxymidazolam glucuronide in human serum, plasma and urine

A mobile microvolume UV/visible light spectrophotometer for the measurement of levofloxacin in saliva

A new paradigm to indicate antidepressant treatments

Chronic Dialysis Patients Are Depleted of Creatine: Review and Rationale for Intradialytic Creatine Supplementation

Clinical Value of Emerging Bioanalytical Methods for Drug Measurements: A Scoping Review of Their Applicability for Medication Adherence and Therapeutic Drug Monitoring

Ganciclovir therapeutic drug monitoring in transplant recipients

High selenium levels associate with reduced risk of mortality and new onset heart failure: data from PREVEND

Improving the aseptic transfer procedures in hospital pharmacies part A: Methods for the determination of the surface bioburden on ampoules and vials

Influence of eight ABCB1 polymorphisms on antidepressant response in a prospective cohort of treatment-free Russian patients with moderate or severe depression: An explorative psychopharmacological study with naturalistic design

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Zelfdodingspoeder Middel X blijkt gevaarlijk voor omstanders en hulpverleners


Promotie: Medicijnspiegel bepalen in droge druppel bloed

Australische bosbranden ook spelbreker bij de Australian Open

Politie gaat mysterieus flesje met Russisch gif toch onderzoeken

Zo voorkom je volgens carnavalvierders en experts een kater

Overdosis caffeinepillen

Geen cafeine maar toch een helder hoofd

Colloïdaal zilver: verkeerde voorlichting over schadelijk 'wondermiddel'

Helpt een concentratiepil wel of niet

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