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prof. dr. D.J. Bezemer

prof. dr. D.J. Bezemer

CREDERE: CREdit, DEbt and the Real Economy

Crēdere - (‘to trust, to believe’), root of ‘credit’

What is money? What do banks do? Is debt bad? And how is all this analyzed in economic models?

Can we do better?

* In this April 2012 presentation (26 min) I set out the research program; Dutch viewers, see also this longer October 2012 lecture.

* Here is a four-part animated lecture on Debt: the Good, The Bad and the Ugly (launched May 2013)

* See this documentary (2011, 8 min) and interview (2011, 10 min) on my research program.

* Here is the  disaggregated_credit_dataset_to2016.dta

I am involved with the Institute for New Economic Thinking and the Sustainable Finance Lab.

Dutch readers, check out my biweekly column at De Groene Amsterdammer.

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