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dr. D.I. (Daouia) Larabi

Assistant professor


Neuroimaging (fMRI, MRI) | psychosis | social cognition | brain networks | neuropsychiatry | brain-behavior predictions

My research is focused on the brain networks that underpin symptoms in neuropsychiatric disorders. I specialize in three primary areas: 1) brain networks underlying social cognitive functions, including self-reflectiveness and processing of social feedback, 2) brain-behavior predictions using machine learning methods, and 3) brain networks underlying impaired awareness of illness in psychotic disorders.

I take a multimodal approach integrating complementary information from different types of data (resting state fMRI, task-based fMRI, DWI, structural MRI, behavioral tasks, questionnaires) using the latest analysis methods such as dynamic connectivity networks, complex networks using graph theory, and machine learning methods.
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