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A systematic literature review on the use of big data for sustainable tourism

Do practitioners intentionally repay their own Technical Debt and why?

Evolution of Technical Debt Remediation in Python: A Case Study on the Apache Software Ecosystem

Software reuse cuts both ways: An empirical analysis of its relationship with security vulnerabilities

An Empirical Study on Self-Fixed Technical Debt

CODE reuse in practice: Benefiting or harming technical debt

De universiteit als duurste streamingdienst?: De gevolgen van een veranderde infrastructuur

Examining the reuse potentials of IoT application frameworks

Investigating the Relationship between Co-occurring Technical Debt in Python

A Double-Edged Sword? Software Reuse and Potential Security Vulnerabilities

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De universiteit moet haar meerwaarde opnieuw uitvinden

De universiteit moet haar meerwaarde opnieuw uitvinden