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Eclipse Open SmartCLIDE: An end-to-end framework for facilitating service reuse in cloud development

Batching for Green AI -- An Exploratory Study on Inference

Big Data Governance: The Case of Mobile Positioning Data for Official Tourism Statistics In Indonesia

Digital twins, big data governance, and sustainable tourism

Governing Digital Twin technology for smart and sustainable tourism: A case study in applying a documentation framework for architecture decisions

On measuring coupling between microservices

Service Classification through Machine Learning: Aiding in the Efficient Identification of Reusable Assets in Cloud Application Development

The lifecycle of Technical Debt that manifests in both source code and issue trackers

Uncovering Energy-Efficient Practices in Deep Learning Training: Preliminary Steps Towards Green AI

A systematic literature review on the use of big data for sustainable tourism

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De universiteit moet haar meerwaarde opnieuw uitvinden

De universiteit moet haar meerwaarde opnieuw uitvinden