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Practical matters How to find us prof. dr. D. (Dick) de Waard

prof. dr. D. (Dick) de Waard

associate professor "Traffic Psychology and the Retention of Mobility"
prof. dr. D. (Dick) de Waard


Compensatory behaviour of visually impaired cyclists in everyday settings

Exploring the effect of glaucomatous visual field defects of current drivers on a neuropsychological test battery

Other road users’ adaptations to increase safety in response to older drivers’ behaviour

An explorative approach to understanding individual differences in driving performance and neurocognition in long-term benzodiazepine users

Driver State and Mental Workload

Driving examiners’ views on data-driven assessment of test candidates: An interview study

Driving performance and neurocognitive skills of long-term users of sedating antidepressants

Enlightening cyclists: an evaluation study of a bicycle light communication system aimed to support older cyclists in traffic interactions

Framework for Testing Human Factors and Type Approval

Human Factors Guidelines Report 1: Literature Review

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Ergernis op de wegen: hoe past iedereen door één, vrij smalle deur?

Verkeerspsychologie is praktisch toepasbaar


Mensen centraal, niet techniek

Onderzoek naar slechtzienden en verkeer is juist wél gratis

Is onze fietsveiligheid in gevaar?

Placing mind in the metropolis

Automatic gear

Tegelijk groen voor fietsers: een geliefd en verguisd systeem

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