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Behind Left and Right – Disentangling the voting behaviour of radical right and radical left parties in Europe.

Neighbourhood-level spatial determinants of residential solar photovoltaic adoption in the Netherlands

Spatial and relational peer effects on environmental behavioral imitation

Exploring the Geography of Subjective Happiness in Europe During the Years of the Economic Crisis: A Multilevel Modelling Approach

Spatial mobility patterns and COVID-19 incidence: A regional analysis of the second wave in the Netherlands

The residential solar PV adoption at the neighbourhood level in the Netherlands

Urbanity, Neighbourhood Characteristics and Perceived Quality of Life (QoL): Analysis of Individual and Contextual Determinants for Perceived QoL in 3300 Postal Code Areas in Finland

Neighbourhoods and oral health: Agent-based modelling of tooth decay

Places that don't matter or people that don't matter? A multilevel modelling approach to the analysis of the geographies of discontent

Spatial and Relational Peer Effects in Green Behavioral Spillovers

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Un curso del IU-ECOAQUA analizará los retos para aunar desarrollo y sostenibilidad en Gran Canaria

 Well-Being: Improving Lives by Improving Regions

World Happiness Report and the Netherlands

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