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Behind Left and Right – Disentangling the voting behaviour of radical right and radical left parties in Europe

Happiness, Space and Place: Community Area Clustering and Spillovers of Life Satisfaction in Canada

Neighbourhood-level spatial determinants of residential solar photovoltaic adoption in the Netherlands

Spatial and relational peer effects on environmental behavioral imitation

“The Most Deafening Silence You Can Hear”: The International Comparison of Landscape Value Mapping on Linguistic Expressions of Islands

Exploring the Geography of Subjective Happiness in Europe During the Years of the Economic Crisis: A Multilevel Modelling Approach

Spatial mobility patterns and COVID-19 incidence: A regional analysis of the second wave in the Netherlands

The residential solar PV adoption at the neighbourhood level in the Netherlands

Urbanity, Neighbourhood Characteristics and Perceived Quality of Life (QoL): Analysis of Individual and Contextual Determinants for Perceived QoL in 3300 Postal Code Areas in Finland

Neighbourhoods and oral health: Agent-based modelling of tooth decay

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Un curso del IU-ECOAQUA analizará los retos para aunar desarrollo y sostenibilidad en Gran Canaria

 Well-Being: Improving Lives by Improving Regions

World Happiness Report and the Netherlands

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