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A Screening Tool to Quickly Identify Movement Disorders in Patients with Inborn Errors of Metabolism

Child-to-adult transition: a survey of current practices within the European Reference Network for Rare Neurological Diseases (ERN-RND)

Classification of Movement Disorders Using Video Recordings of Gait with Attention-based Graph Convolutional Networks

Cognition in early onset ataxia and dystonia

Early onset ataxia with comorbid myoclonus and epilepsy: A disease spectrum with shared molecular pathways and cortico-thalamo-cerebellar network involvement

Instrumented Gait Classification Using Meaningful Features in Patients with Impaired Coordination

Neurologic Outcome Comparison between Fetal Open-, Endoscopic- and Neonatal-Intervention Techniques in Spina Bifida Aperta

Pathogenetic Insights into Developmental Coordination Disorder Reveal Substantial Overlap with Movement Disorders

The pathogenetic basis for a disease continuum in early- and late-onset ataxia-dystonia supports a unified genetic diagnostic approach

2D Gait Skeleton Data Normalization for Quantitative Assessment of Movement Disorders from Freehand Single Camera Video Recordings

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DMCN Author Podcast - Deborah Sival (Agust 2019)

DMCN Author Podcast - Deborah Sival (February 2016)