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Choice of DNA extraction method affects stool microbiome recovery and subsequent phenotypic association analyses

Host genetic regulation of human gut microbial structural variation

Global Biobank analyses provide lessons for developing polygenic risk scores across diverse cohorts

Gut feelings: the relations between depression, anxiety, psychotropic drugs and the gut microbiome

HLA-DP on Epithelial Cells Enables Tissue Damage by NKp44+ Natural Killer Cells in Ulcerative Colitis

Impact of occupational pesticide exposure on the human gut microbiome

iPSC-derived organ-on-a-chip models for personalized human genetics and pharmacogenomics studies

OTTERS: a powerful TWAS framework leveraging summary-level reference data

Phage-display immunoprecipitation sequencing of the antibody epitope repertoire in inflammatory bowel disease reveals distinct antibody signatures

Phage display sequencing reveals that genetic, environmental, and intrinsic factors influence variation of human antibody epitope repertoire

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Stoet in stemmig zwart trekt door binnenstad Groningen. Academisch jaar Rijksuniversiteit geopend

Cisca Wijmenga draagt stokje als rector magnificus over: 'Nog een beetje onwerkelijk'

Toekomstig RUG-rector magnificus wil vooroordelen tegen gaan

Lopend Vuur: Groningens Ontzet moet een vrije dag worden

Edwin op Noord - Radio Noord

Afzwaaiende rector RUG pleit voor vrije dag op Groningens Ontzet

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