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A combination of fecal calprotectin and human beta-defensin 2 facilitates diagnosis and monitoring of inflammatory bowel disease

A Combined mRNA- and miRNA-Sequencing Approach Reveals miRNAs as Potential Regulators of the Small Intestinal Transcriptome in Celiac Disease

An integrative genomics approach identifies KDM4 as a modulator of trained immunity

Characterization of gut microbial structural variations as determinants of human bile acid metabolism

From LD-based mapping to GWAS

Genetic Association of a Gain-of-Function IFNGR1 Polymorphism and the Intergenic Region LNCAROD/DKK1 With Behcet's Disease

Habitual dietary intake of IBD patients differs from population controls: a case-control study

Healthy Cotwins Share Gut Microbiome Signatures With Their Inflammatory Bowel Disease Twins and Unrelated Patients

Impact of intermediate hyperglycaemia as well as diabetes on immune dysfunction in tuberculosis

Inflammatory Protein Profiles in Plasma of Candidaemia Patients and the Contribution of Host Genetics to Their Variability

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RUG groeit minder dan verwacht, Hanzehogeschool groeit niet

Eeuwenoude traditie Rijksuniversiteit in ere hersteld

RUG en Hanze willen toch met Vindicat over accreditatie praten

Rijksuniversiteit Groningen is jaloers op kleine Friese campus: 'Heel verschillende studenten werken er in groepjes samen'

Aletta Jacobsprijs 2022 van Rijksuniversiteit Groningen voor abortus-voorvechter Rebecca Gomperts

Aletta Jacobsprijs 2022 is voor activist abortusrechten Rebecca Gomperts

Coffee or wine good for the gut

Academisch jaar 2021-2022 van start in Groningen

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