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How to find us dr. C. (Charlotte) Vrijen

Research interests

Positive bias | Optimism | Information processing bias | Peer experiences | Mental health | Depression | Loss of pleasure | Experience sampling | Intergenerational transmission

More information about my research can be found on my website


Childhood and Adolescent Bullying Perpetration and Later Substance Use: A Meta-analysis

Polygenic risk for aggressive behaviour from late childhood through early adulthood

Blije gezichten en andere beloningen: aandacht voor positieve informatie als beschermend mechanisme tegen depressie

Reward Responsiveness, Optimism, and Social and Mental Functioning in Children Aged 6-7: Protocol of a Cross-Sectional Pilot Study

De Genetica van Opvoeding

Domains Of Pleasure Scale (DOPS): Assessing pleasure across domains

Emoties, depressie en (verlies van) plezier in het dagelijks leven

Happy faces and other rewards: Different perspectives on a bias away from positive and toward negative information as an underlying mechanism of depression

Reciprocal associations between positive emotions and motivation in daily life: Network analyses in anhedonic individuals and healthy controls

Reward-Related Attentional Bias at Age 16 Predicts Onset of Depression During 9 Years of Follow-up

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Analysis suggests child bullies have higher risk for substance use later in life

’Pestkop grijpt eerder naar drank en drugs’

Child Bullies at Higher Odds for Substance Abuse as Adults: Study

Child Bullies at Higher Odds for Substance Abuse as Adults: Study

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