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How to find us dr. C. (Charlotte) Vrijen

dr. C. (Charlotte) Vrijen

Postdoctoral researcher


Positive bias | Optimism | Information processing bias | Peer experiences | Mental health | Depression | Loss of pleasure | Experience sampling | Intergenerational transmission

My main research interest is positive bias, the phenomenon that many people see the world more brightly and more positive than it really is. Positive bias may protect us from developing mental health problems.

During my PhD, I investigated the absence of positive bias in adolescence as an underlying mechanism of depression. I combined longitudinal data collected every 2 to 3 years with more fine-grained momentary assessments, laboratory tasks, and biomarkers. 

My present research focuses on the intergenerational transmission of social experiences. My aim for the future is to combine both lines of research and investigate when and how individual differences in positive bias arise, and what role genetic vulnerabilities and parenting play.

I am passionate about improving scientific practice. I am a member of my department’s Ethics Committee and of the Open Science Community Groningen, where I give pre-registration workshops. Examples of open science practices in my work are pre-registrations, sharing syntax and data, and publishing open access.

Top 3 key publications

Vrijen, C., Wiertsema, M., Ackermans, M., van der Ploeg, R., & Kretschmer, T. (2021). Childhood and Adolescent Bullying Perpetration and Later Substance Use: A Meta-analysis. Pediatrics  [accepted for publication] [Impact factor: 5.417] 

Vrijen, C., Hartman, C.A., & Oldehinkel, A.J. (2019). Reward-Related Attentional Bias at Age 16 Predicts Onset of Depression During Nine Years of Follow-Up. Journal of the American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry. 
[Impact factor: 6.936]

Vrijen, C.
, Hartman, C.A., & Oldehinkel, A.J. (2016). Slow identification of facial happiness in early adolescence predicts onset of depression during 8 years of follow-up. European Child & Adolescent Psychiatry, 1–12. [Impact factor: 3.941] 

More information about my research can be found on my website

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Member of the Ethical Committee Pedagogical and Educational Sciences
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Antonius Deusinglaan 1
9713 AV Groningen
The Netherlands


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