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Cardiovascular Fitness and Executive Functioning in Primary School-aged Children

Longitudinal development of 5m sprint performance in young female tennis players

Student-athletes’ need for competence, effort, and attributions of success and failure: Differences between sport and school

The Effects of Aerobic Versus Cognitively Demanding Exercise Interventions on Executive Functioning in School-Aged Children: A Cluster-Randomized Controlled Trial

The relationship between white matter microstructure, cardiovascular fitness, gross motor skills, and neurocognitive functioning in children

The value of technical characteristics for future performance in youth tennis players: A prospective study

Acquisition and maintenance of excellence: the challenges faced by Dutch top-level gymnasts throughout different stages of athletic development

Changes in technique throughout a 1500-m speed skating time-trial in junior elite athletes: Differences between sexes, performance levels and competitive seasons

Effects of aerobic and cognitively-engaging physical activity on academic skills: A cluster randomized controlled trial

Effects of aerobic exercise and cognitively engaging exercise on cardiorespiratory fitness and motor skills in primary school children: A cluster randomized controlled trial

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