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Practical matters How to find us prof. dr. C. (Clemens) Six

prof. dr. C. (Clemens) Six

Associate Professor
prof. dr. C. (Clemens) Six

Courses I taught over the last five years include:

  • Does this really change everything? How the climate crisis alters the way we write history (MA research seminar)
  • Transnational Anti-Imperialism, 1900-1970 (MA research seminar)
  • Mastering religious plurality in modern India (MA research seminar)
  • How Chinese ideas conquered the world: A global history since 1919 (BA seminar)
  • North Korea and the world since 1945 (BA seminar)
  • Visibility: from street lighting to Facebook (BA seminar)
  • Global history of surveillance since 1900 (BA seminar)
  • Rastafari: a transnational history (BA seminar)
  • Slums: a global history since 1945 (BA seminar)
  • Shadow globalisation: organised crime & black markets since 1945 (BA seminar)
  • The political culture of extreme mountaineering & expeditions, 19th & 20th century (BA seminar)
  • (Anti-)Communism in the Global South (BA seminar)
  • Third World solidarity and utopian thinking (BA seminar)
  • "Modernising" contemporary South and Southeast Asia: Ideas & practices (BA seminar)
  • State & society in postcolonial Asia (BA seminar)
  • Sexuality: a global history since 1945 (BA seminar)
  • Perspectives on History (global history, transnational history, post-colonial theory, microhistory) (BA lectures)
  • Regional perspectives (regional history, urban history, border studies, entangled history, historiography in postcolonial societies) (BA lectures)
  • The globalisation of religious & social movements since 1945 (BA lecture)
  • Research methodologies for Master students
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