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Research interests

Dr. Cyril Moers is transplant surgeon and researcher in the UMCG. His recent research has covered a whole spectrum of clinical and pre-clinical studies in kidney transplantation, focusing on interventions before or during organ preservation to better conserve organ quality and to quantify the impact that donor characteristics have on post-transplant outcome. He was secretary of the scientific steering committee of the international Machine Preservation Trial and authored several key publications on this topic, two of which appeared in The New England Journal of Medicine. His line of research now focuses on pre-transplant organ resuscitation and evaluation, for which he has been awarded a Kolff junior postdoc grant, a ZonMw Klinische Fellows grant and an Innovation Grant from the Dutch Kidney Foundation.


Furosemide attenuates tubulointerstitial injury and allows functional testing of porcine kidneys during normothermic machine perfusion

Utilizing pathophysiological concepts of ischemia-reperfusion injury to design renoprotective strategies and therapeutic interventions for normothermic ex vivo kidney perfusion

Antithrombotic Management in Adult Kidney Transplantation: A European Survey Study

Considerable Variability Among Transplant Nephrologists in Judging Deceased Donor Kidney Offers

Effects of kidney perfusion on renal stiffness and tissue fluidity measured with tomoelastography in an MRI-compatible ex vivo model.

Expanding the Horizons of Pre-Transplant Renal Vascular Assessment Using Ex Vivo Perfusion

Kidney utilization in the Netherlands - do we optimally use our donor organs?

Magnetic resonance imaging during warm ex vivo kidney perfusion

Pathophysiological Changes in the Hemostatic System and Antithrombotic Management in Kidney Transplant Recipients

Prolonged Controlled Oxygenated Rewarming Improves Immediate Tubular Function and Energetic Recovery of Porcine Kidneys during Normothermic Machine Perfusion

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