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How to find us dr. C. (Cyril) Moers

Research interests

Dr. Cyril Moers is transplant surgeon and researcher in the UMCG. His recent research has covered a whole spectrum of clinical and pre-clinical studies in kidney transplantation, focusing on interventions before or during organ preservation to better conserve organ quality and to quantify the impact that donor characteristics have on post-transplant outcome. He was secretary of the scientific steering committee of the international Machine Preservation Trial and authored several key publications on this topic, two of which appeared in The New England Journal of Medicine. His line of research now focuses on pre-transplant organ resuscitation and evaluation, for which he has been awarded a Kolff junior postdoc grant, a ZonMw Klinische Fellows grant and an Innovation Grant from the Dutch Kidney Foundation.


Authors' Response to Odugoudar et al: Poor Kidney Transplant Outcomes and Higher Organ Discard Rate Secondary to Macroscopic Arteriosclerosis of Renal Artery: More Evidence Needed to Prove Correlation

Prolonged Organ Extraction Time Negatively Impacts Kidney Transplantation Outcome

Antithrombotic Management in Adult Kidney Transplantation - A European Survey Study

Aorto-Iliac Artery Calcification and Graft Outcomes in Kidney Transplant Recipients

Complement is activated during normothermic machine perfusion of porcine and discarded human kidneys

Development and external validation study combining existing models and recent data into an up-to-date prediction model for evaluating kidneys from older deceased donors for transplantation

Ex Vivo Administration of Mesenchymal Stromal Cells in Kidney Grafts Against Ischemia-reperfusion Injury-Effective Delivery Without Kidney Function Improvement Posttransplant

External Validation of the DCD-N Score and a Linear Prediction Model to Identify Potential Candidates for Organ Donation After Circulatory Death: A Nationwide Multicenter Cohort Study

Improved Normothermic Machine Perfusion After Short Oxygenated Hypothermic Machine Perfusion of Ischemically Injured Porcine Kidneys

Introduction of the Grayscale Median for Ultrasound Tissue Characterization of the Transplanted Kidney

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Amerikaan krijgt genetisch aangepast varkenshart

Eerste mens krijgt nier van donorvarken, hoop op verkorten wachtlijst orgaantransplantatie

Mens met varkensnier droomscenario chirurg: ’Dit zag ik niet aankomen’

Dode vrouw krijgt kortwerkende varkensnier getransplanteerd

Mens met varkensnier historische doorbraak: ’Kan onvoorstelbare gezondheidswinst opleveren’

Aantal potentiële orgaandonoren stijgt fors door nieuwe donorwet

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