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Reproductive effort of both male and female bar-throated Apalis apalis thoracica is predicted by ornamentation of self and mate

Maternal effects in the highly communal sociable weaver may exacerbate brood reduction and prepare offspring for a competitive social environment

Do changes in the frequency, magnitude and timing of extreme climatic events threaten the population viability of coastal birds?

Lesser double-collared sunbirds Nectarinia chalybea do not compensate for hatching asynchrony by adjusting egg mass or yolk androgens

Consistent variation in yolk androgens in the Australian Brush-turkey, a species without sibling competition or parental care

Maternal yolk androgens in European starlings: affected by social environment or individual traits of the mother?

Avian mothers create different phenotypes by hormone deposition in their eggs

Do night-active birds lack daily melatonin rhythms? A case study comparing a diurnal and a nocturnal-foraging gull species

Multiple pathways of maternal effects in black-headed gull eggs: Constraint and adaptive compensatory adjustment

No sexual differences in embryonic period in jackdaws Corvus monedula and black-headed gulls Larus ridibundus

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