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Causes of variation of darkness in flocks of starlings, a computational model

Deterrence of birds with an artificial predator, the RobotFalcon

Disentangling patterns of collective escape in starling flocks

Effect of time-delayed interactions on milling: A minimal model

Emergence of splits and collective turns in pigeon flocks under predation

Gossip promotes cooperation only when it is pro-socially motivated

Hierarchical development of dominance through the winner-loser effect and socio-spatial structure

How to measure intersexual dominance?

Interrelationship among spatial cohesion, aggression rate, counter-aggression and female dominance in three lemur species

Male intrasexual aggression and partial dominance of females over males in vervet monkeys

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Terra X-Dokumentation "Schlaue Schwärme"

Robot falcon better than drones at clearing flight paths

Natuurmysterie in Mexico opgelost: vissen doen de ‘wave’ om vogels af te schrikken

Spreeuwen zoeken met elkaar een slaapplaats


Starling murmurations are dazzling, ubiquitous, and puzzling

De Kennis van Nu special: Het Geheim van de Zwerm

Waarom zwermende spreeuwen niet botsen

Science & Cocktails Amsterdam - The collective motion of flocks of birds with Charlotte Hemelrijk

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