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Amplitude analysis of B0 → D ¯ 0 Ds+ π- and B+ →D- Ds+ π+ decays

Amplitude analysis of the Ds+ → π − π + π + decay

Amplitude analysis of the D + → π − π + π + decay and measurement of the π − π + S-wave amplitude

Amplitude analysis of the Λc+ →pK-π+ decay and Λc+ baryon polarization measurement in semileptonic beauty hadron decays

A study of CP violation in the decays B±→[K+K-π+π-]Dh± (h= K, π) and B±→[π+π-π+π-]Dh±

Charmonium production in pNe collisions at √sNN=68.5 GeV

Direct CP violation in charmless three-body decays of B± mesons

Erratum to: Observation of the B+ → Jψη′K+ decay

Evidence for Modification of b Quark Hadronization in High-Multiplicity pp Collisions at s =13 TeV

Evidence of a J/ψ KS0 Structure in B0 →j/ψφ KS0 Decays

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Opnieuw barstje in standaardmodel van deeltjesfysica

'Dit geeft echt een kick!'

Muon g-2 magnet successfully cooled down and powered up

The Muon G-2 Superconducting Electromagnet Journey and Its Arrival at Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory In Batavia

Fermilab brings super magnet to life after 10 years

Behold the moving magnet -- scientists taking giant device on 3,200-mile trip

Muon g-2 storage ring starts a new life

Fermilab Installs Huge Magnet For Dark Matter Experiment

Massive magnet moves into home at Fermilab

Giant electromagnet ends circuitous month-long trip, arrives at Fermilab

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