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Separation and Elevated Residential Mobility: A Cross-Country Comparison

Family life transitions, residential relocations, and housing in the life course: Current research and opportunities for future work: Introduction to the Special Collection on "Separation, Divorce, and Residential Mobility in a Comparative Perspective"

From Living Apart to Living Together: Do Children Born before the Current Partnership Matter?

Geographic Proximity to Parents, Intergenerational Support Exchange, and Migration Within Germany

Migration for family and labour market outcomes in Sweden

Nonresident family as a motive for migration

Young adults' return migration from large cities in Sweden: The role of siblings and parents

Migration Versus Immobility, and Ties to Parents

Separation, divorce, and housing tenure: A cross-country comparison

The transition from living apart together to a coresidential partnership

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Interview t.b.v. artikel Peter Hendriks, Follow The Money: ‘Geen woning, geen kinderen’

Interview t.b.v. column Tom Meeus, NRC: ‘Nieuwe Hollandse ziekte: kloofhoop’

Interview 'Weg van de familie'. Dagblad van het Noorden

Interview 'Ook de ouderen vertrekken nu uit Zeeland'. NRC Handelsblad

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