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dr. C.G. Williamson

senior lecturer
dr. C.G. Williamson
Secretary History:

2011-2013 Lecturer—University of Groningen, History

Course-coordinator Honours College

  • MA Masterclass and lab: ‘Leadership in Historical Perspective’ - a highly selective and interdisciplinary program for gifted MA students, who creatively examine styles of leadership in past cultural contexts - See the resulting student project website:

BA Humanities courses - Coordinator and co-lecturer

  • Interdisciplinary Minor 2013: ‘The Mediterranean World III: Blue Networks. Social Networking in the pre-modern Mediterranean world’ – coordinator with Dr. M.K. Williams - See the resulting student project website:

BA Humanities courses - co-lecturer

  • Thematic course: ‘Greeks and their gods’ – with Prof.Dr. O.M. van Nijf
  • Interdisciplinary Seminar: ‘Cultural History of Death in Antiquity’ – with Prof.Dr. S. Voutsaki
  • Interdisciplinary Minor: ‘The Mediterranean World I’ – with Dr. B. Hellemans
  • Interdisciplinary Minor 2012: ‘Diplomats and double-agents in the pre-modern world’ – with Dr. M.K. Williams - See the resulting student project website:

BA Classics module third-year  - lecturer, coordinator, guide

  • Asia Minor Excursion (University of Groningen / University of Amsterdam / Free University)

BA courses first-year

  • Foundations of Western Civilization: The Ancient World
  • Dutch History II: Multi-cultural interactions in the Roman Period in the Lowlands
  • Introduction to History: methods and techniques

2003-2007 Lecturer—University of Groningen, Archaeology and Ancient History

BA courses – lectures and practica, supervision of papers, presentations and exams

  • Third-year BA course in Archaeology and Classics: Classical Culture in Context - Architecture and urban development in the Greek & Roman worlds’
  • Interdisciplinary Minor: ‘Ancient Culture I and II. Power and representation in the ancient city’ introduction to the archaeology of Greece and Rome - with Prof.Dr. M.A. Harder, Prof.Dr. R.R. Nauta. Dr. J.-W. Drijvers, Dr. E.C.H. van der Vliet
  • ‘Dutch History II: Romans and the multi-cultural society in the Lowlands’ – first-year BA course in History


2013 Lecturer—University of Amsterdam, History

BA courses in ancient culture – overall course coordinator

  • ‘Social Networking in the Ancient World’ – third-year interdisciplinary course
  • ‘Strangers in a Strange Land. Geographers, Tourists and Pilgrims in the Graeco-Roman East’ Practical course – third-year history students
  • ‘Mysteries, prophets and epiphanies – religion in the Greek world after Alexander the Great’ –third year interdisciplinary course
  • Introduction to Ancient History – first-year BA history students

Lecturer for MA courses

  • ‘City full of gods. Religion, society and politics in the Greek city’- MA interdisciplinary course - See the resulting student project website:


2012 (Fall term) Lecturer—University of Leiden, History

BA courses first year

  • Thematic course ‘The Ancient City’ - focus on writing skills
  • Practicum – Introduction to Ancient History
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Contact information

Oude Kijk in 't Jatstraat 26
9712 EK Groningen
The Netherlands

Senior Lecturer Ancient History

Job title:
Senior Lecturer
Working hours:
on research leave Fall 2019
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