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Over onsWaar vindt u onsprof. dr. ir. C. (Christiaan) Both

prof. dr. ir. C. Both


Personal information


Born in 1969 in The Netherlands, I grew up with a naturalist father, who taught me at an early age the birds in our neighbourhood. From 1988-1993 I studied Biology at the universities of Wageningen, Groningen and Oxford, focusing on avian reproductive ecology. I finished my PhD at the Netherlands Institute of Ecology in 1998 on density dependence and individual optimisation of avian reproductive rates. Since then I have worked as post-doctoral researcher at the universities of Bangor (UK), Groningen, California (Santa Cruz) and again at the Netherlands Institute of Ecology. Since 2004 I joined the Animal Ecology Group of Groningen University again, and in 2007 I obtained a personal research fellowship from the Dutch research council (NWO).


Recent in de media

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2007- 2011  Postdoc (VIDI), Animal Ecology Group, University of Groningen

2003- 2006  Post-doc at the Animal Ecology Group, University of Groningen

2001- 2003  Post-doc, Netherlands Institute of Ecology (with M.E. Visser)

1999 - 2001 Post-doc University of Groningen (with Joost Tinbergen)

1999            Post-doctoral period Univ of California Santa Cruz (with Prof B. Sinervo).

1998            Postdoc, University of Wales, Bangor, with Prof. J. Wright

1994 - 1998 PhD at the Netherlands Institute of Ecology and the University of Utrecht.

1993            Undergraduate project, University of Oxford, with Prof. J.R. Krebs.

1992            Undergraduate project, Netherlands Institute of Ecology, with JM Tinbergen.


Verkregen Beursen

ESF-travel grant (1998) used to visit University of Wales

NATO-science fellowship (1998) used to visit Univ California

N.W.O. 3-year post-doc grant (2001) (with M.E. Visser).

N.W.O. PhD-studentship (2002) (with J. Komdeur & J.M. Tinbergen).

N.W.O. 3-year post-doc grant (2004) (with N.J. Dingemanse)

Research grant Prins Bernhard Fund (2005)

N.W.O. VIDI personal research fellowship  (2006), starting 1 January 2007

Ministery of Agriculture (2007): Field research Black-tailed Godwits


Redacties tijdschriften:

Ardea, International journal of Ornithology, : 2000-; Journal of Animal Ecology2006-



TIME Magazine, National Geographic, Scientific American, New Scientist, Al Gore Movie, numerous international and national newspapers and radio interviews.


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