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Personalised Medicine in Cancer Radiotherapy and Psychosis

Disease course epidemiology,

Genetic Epidemiology,

Methodology, and longitudinal data modeling.


Age-Related Social Cognitive Performance in Individuals With Psychotic Disorders and Their First-Degree Relatives

Associations between genetic liabilities to smoking behavior and schizophrenia symptoms in patients with a psychotic disorder, their siblings and healthy controls

Deep Clinical Phenotyping of Schizophrenia Spectrum Disorders Using Data-Driven Methods: Marching towards Precision Psychiatry

Large-Scale Meta-GWAS Reveals Common Genetic Factors Linked to Radiation-Induced Acute Toxicities across Cancers

Lifestyle factors related to prevalent chronic disease multimorbidity: A population-based cross-sectional study

Neurodevelopment in patients with biliary atresia up to toddler age: Outcomes and predictability

Risk factors for suicidality across psychosis vulnerability spectrum

Role of circ-FOXO3 and miR-23a in radiosensitivity of breast cancer

Six-year trajectories and associated factors of positive and negative symptoms in schizophrenia patients, siblings, and controls: Genetic Risk and Outcome of Psychosis (GROUP) study

The 10th Santorini conference: Systems medicine, personalised health and therapy. “The odyssey from hope to practice: Patient first. Keep Ithaca always in your mind”, Santorini, Greece, 23–26 May 2022

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