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University Medical Center Groningen

dr. B.Z. Alizadeh

dr. B.Z. Alizadeh

research project in my unit is led by PhDs fellows and Postdocs, and are currently (april 2016) classfied in three methodlogical categories, which cover 5 major human disease domains, with a prticulat attention to Digestive System Diseases, and immune system:

I. Genetic Epideiology:

(i.)Domain of Inflammation: "Genome and Genomics of Inflammatory biomarkers: discovery and clincial relevance."

- Large scale international Meta Genome-wide association studis to identify genetic ariants associated with: (i) C-Reactive Protein, (ii) Interleukin-6, (iii) Tumor Necrosis Factor, and (iv.) Interleukin 10.

- Menedlian Randomization studies to identify the causal rol of inflamamtory biomarkers in complex diseases. Cross Domain corss consortia studies.

- insilico funtional enrichment analysis to understand the underlying mechanism (pathways) involved in metabolism of inflammartory biomarkers.

(ii.) Domain of Digestive System Diseases:

- Transethnic studies to identify genetic factors of complex Disgestive System Diseases, such as IBD, and metabolic liver diseases, and liver fibrosis, and colon cancer.

(iii.) Domain of cognition:

II. Epidemiology:

III. Statistical modelling:




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