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dr. B. van Hoven

Academic Director of Education University College Groningen, Associate Professor Cultural Geography
dr. B. van Hoven

Project descriptions (past 5 years) and public dissemination activities where relevant:

2010- current: Geographies of ageing and wellbeing

About this research:

This research is embedded in the Faculty Research Network 'Ageing and Wellbeing' and explores attachments of older people to their neighbourhoods and homes and the strategies employed to retain a sense of mobility and empowerment. The PhD research by Debbie Lager is associated with this project. Recently, we have begun to address intergenerational relations.

Public dissemination activities:

2017: Workshop ‘Break Out’ during All-Inclusive Learning, teaching day at the University of Groningen

2016: Invited speaker at a Panel discussion at the Ouderenfestival Groningen (Groninger Forum)

2016: WIJS050: Ouder worden in Paddepoel

2015: Sociale Vraagstukken: De overheid moet plaats maken voor ouderen

2015: Friesch Dagblad (by Sippie Miedema): Een veilige wijk

2015: Noorderbeedte (by Annelies van der Groot): Wandelwijsheid

2015: Dagblad van het Noorden (by Lieke van den Kommenacker): Sjoelen op een klaverjasboot

2015: Noorderlicht Gallery, Groningen: Inzichten uit de Oosterpark

2015: Invited speaker Seminar Wonen en Zorg, Amersfoort, organized by Ministerie Binnenlandse Zaken en Koninkrijksrelaties: ‘Mobiliteit, ouderen en leefbaarheid’

2014: Keynote speaker ‘We nemen de ruimte’ symposium Heerenveen

2014: Invited speaker at the ‘Gezondheid, Zorg en burgerschap’ symposium at Maastricht University

2014: Invited speaker Lezingencarrousel Het Huis van Morgen. LetsGro Festival, Groningen

2014: Kijk op het Noorden (by Henk Dilling): Innovatieve wegen naar gezond ouder worden

2014: FrieschDagblad: Participatie begint met ontmoeting in de buurttuin

2014: Seniorenkrant: Wordt er ruimte gegeven aan particulier initiatief op het gebied van zorg?

2011: Included in episode on care by the university programme 'Adams Appel' 2011: 'RUG Opinie'

2015-current: Geographies of Diversity and Inclusion ( in the Urban Context)

About this research

This project addresses how social and physical features of urban spaces lead to experiences of in- and exclusion for marginalized groups, and how this affects the everyday lives of such groups. A key aim is to work with these marginalized groups on a dissemination strategy. The project originated already in research preceding 2015 but this year is significant as the collaboration with Noorderbrug and Minerva begun. At the same time, I began teaching a module by this name for the Honours course. It is significant to mention here since a key outcome is disseminating to a broader public. In these projects, dissemination is achieved through exhibitions based on photography (Noorderbrug), and in the form of a museum. The PhD research by Laura Kapinga and Rik Huizinga address issues within this project.

Public dissemination activities:

Noorderbrug project:

2017: various exhibitions February: Exhibition ‘Break Out’ at Academy Minerva March- Mid April: ‘Exhibition ‘Break Out’ at Noorderbrug

2017: Dagblad van het Noorden article: Wat voor ons van zelfsprekend is, blijkt voor hen een big issue. (by Marijke Brouwer)

2017: Noorderbrug website: Expositie laat de levens van Groningse studenten en cliënten De Noorderbrug zien

2016: Gezinsbode article: Foto expositie Groninger studenten en cliënten de Noorderbrug

2016: Noorderbrug website: Foto expositie Groninger studenten en cliënten de Noorderbrug

2016: Lichtpuntje, yearly report Noorderbrug

2016: RUG Unifocus movie

2016: various exhibitions:

January: Exhibition ‘Laten Zien’ at Academy Minerva

Feb-May: Exhibition ‘Laten Zien’ at Noorderbrug August: Exhibition ‘Laten Zien’ at RGS annual conference in London

October: Exhibition ‘We, people in transtion’ at Minerva

December: Exhibition ‘Break Out’at Minerva

2012-current: Tidal Cultures

About this research:

This project originated with the research and exchange programme “Between the Tides”. Comparative arts and humanities approaches to living with(in) intertidal landscapes in UK & the Netherlands. Learning from those who live and work with complexity, change and fragility (with Prof. Owain Jones (University of BathSpa). The programme was funded by The Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO) and Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) (UK). One outcome of the project is Gwenda van der Vaart's PhD research on the role of arts in building resilient communities in coastal areas. Research is embedded in the Faculty’s Coastal Resilience Group.

Public dissemination activities:

Project blog 'Tidal cultures':

2017: International workshop at University College Groningen. Output will be included in exhibition in June

2014: Exhibition at Sense of Place Symposium Terschelling

2014: Noorderbreedte: Waar we thuis zijn (by Annelies van der Groot)

2013: Exhibitions, performances and broadcasts on Radio Mobi during the International and Interdisciplinary Conference for Emotional Geographies

2007- 2013: Geographies of the Great Bear Rainforest (Canada)

About this research:

Funded largely by the Gratama Foundation, this research, first of all, aimed at innovating Cultural Geography methods teaching and addressing knowledge valorisation by producing a video documentary and a teaching pack for secondary schools. Using the voices of some of the stakeholders, the documentary presents the Great Bear Rainforest as a social construction, and explores different meanings and values assigned to the forest by these stakeholders.

Public dissemination:

2008-present the research has been presented in teaching within the Faculty as well as the University of Plymouth (UK), the Hanze University, Bremen University and the University of Wageningen.

2011: Nacht van de Kunst en Wetenschap held in Groningen

2010: The research was at the centre of a one-hour radio show 'Hoe?Zo! Radio' 'Op zoek naar de beren'

2009: included in episode 'Grond' by the University programme 'Adams Appel'

2009: Broerstraat 5: 'Het bos, de beer en de beleving'

2009: Teaching pack: ‘A forest for the future’ produced for Dutch secondary schools

2007- 2013 Youth, belonging and wellbeing

About this research:

This research explores important locations in the everyday lives of youth in order to examine people, place and process in developing place attachment, and assess the impact of place attachment of wellbeing. The research adopts participatory methods which include training youth as co-researchers, conducting in-depth interviews, walks and producing photos and videos. In addition to a few Master theses, a project was conducted on Vancouver Island in 2007, funded by the 'International Council for Canadian Studies', and Elen-Maarja Trell’s PhDresearch explored these issues in Estonia. Public dissemination activities: The pupils involved in the project in Estonia produced a promotion film for their school


2003- 2007 Imprisoned geographies (NWO-VENI funded)

1996- 1999 Made in the GDR the changing geographies of women in the post- socialist rural society in Mecklenburg-Westpommerania, PhD research, Department of Geographical Sciences, University of Plymouth, UK (supervisor Prof M. Blacksell)

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