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B. (Bastiaan) Sporrel, MSc

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design and validation of a novel bicycle simulator

Despite increasing awareness on bicycle safety in the Netherlands and other countries in Europe accidents rates are rising among cyclists. To research the causes for bicycle accidents, and to test solutions for these problems, a device is needed to test cyclists in a controlled environment. To this end we are designing a bicycle simulator in collaboration with the Technical University of Delft (TUD). The focus of this bicycle simulator is to have a realistic control, where balance plays and important role. The design is done by the TUD. Our research in Groningen is focused primarily on behavioral validation, where we will compare people’s behavior on the road with their behavior in the simulator.


Continue cycling together

An active lifestyle is important for healthy aging. Cycling can be a helpful activity for such a  lifestyle, not only as a means of transport, but also as  a leisure activity. It is therefore relevant that the elderly are encouraged to continue cycling for a long time. To gain insight in the cycling behavior of elderly people, we are following a group of seniors for three years, with measurements twice a year. With this we hope to gain an insight in the development of cycling behavior of elderly people and possible reasons why they stop cycling.

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