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Practical matters How to find us B. (Beatriz) Noheda, Prof Dr

Research interests

Noheda’s research focuses on understanding the relationship between structure and functionality of thin films of ferroelectric, piezoelectric and multiferroic materials, the control of nano-domains that self-assemble by strain engineering, as well as the characterization of the distinct properties of domain walls. Her main scientific contributions have been the discovery of low symmetry (monoclinic) phases in high piezoelectric materials (PZT and MPB piezoelectrics) and the observation of domain walls as "vertical interfaces" with distinct structure and functionalities.  Although her research is fundamental in nature, it is inspired by two main application areas that she believes will enable the next technological revolution: piezoelectric energy harvesting for low power electronics and the development of novel materials for neuromorphic computing.


Ferroelectric chalcogenides-materials at the edge

Ferroelectric Domain Structures in Low-Strain BaTiO3

Artificial chemical and magnetic structure at the domain walls of an epitaxial oxide

Super switching and control of in-plane ferroelectric nanodomains in strained thin films

Flexoelectric rotation of polarization in ferroelectric thin films

Conduction through 71 degrees DomainWalls in BiFeO3 Thin Films

Low-toxicity chemical solution deposition of ferroelectric Ca:HfO2

An epitaxial perovskite as a compact neuristor: Electrical self-oscillations in TbMnO3thin films

Antiferromagnetic Ordering and Uncoupled Spins in CaFe2O4 Thin Films Probed by Spin Hall Magnetoresistance

Ferroelastic Domain Walls in BiFeO3 as Memristive Networks

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