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Synthetic Membrane Shaper for Controlled Liposome Deformation

Unbreaking Assemblies in Molecular Simulations with Periodic Boundaries

Complex nanoemulsion for vitamin delivery: Droplet organization and interaction with skin membranes

Bottom-up fabrication of a proteasome-nanopore that unravels and processes single proteins

Martini 3: A general purpose force field for coarse-grained molecular dynamics

On the road to simulating life with molecular detail

Sequential Voxel-Based Leaflet Segmentation of Complex Lipid Morphologies

A molecular view on the escape of lipoplexed DNA from the endosome

A Practical View of the Martini Force Field

Microscopic View on Non-viral Mediated Transfection

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‘Mensen denken: die cel is wel te kraken’

Simulations show how to make gene therapy more effective

Simulaties kunnen gentherapie effectiever maken