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Altered posterior midline activity in patients with jerky and tremulous functional movement disorders

Amyloid burden quantification depends on PET and MR image processing methodology

Dizziness with a vestibular window on agency

Feasibility of pharmacokinetic parametric PET images in scaled subprofile modelling using principal component analysis

Intermuscular coherence analysis in older adults reveals that gait-related arm swing drives lower limb muscles via subcortical and cortical pathways

An application of generalized matrix learning vector quantization in neuroimaging

Intrastriatal gradient analyses of 18F-FDOPA PET scans for differentiation of Parkinsonian disorders

Pre-Movement Cortico-Muscular Dynamics Underlying Improved Parkinson Gait Initiation after Instructed Arm Swing

Structural Network Analysis Using Diffusion MRI Tractography in Parkinson's Disease and Correlations With Motor Impairment

The chronnectome as a model for Charcot's 'dynamic lesion' in functional movement disorders

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