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How to find us prof. dr. B. (Barbara) Helm

prof. dr. B. (Barbara) Helm

Associate Professor for Biological Rhythms of Natural Organisms
prof. dr. B. (Barbara) Helm


Moult of overwintering Wood Warblers in an annual-cycle perspective

Bitter fruits of hard labour: Diet metabarcoding and telemetry reveal that urban songbirds travel further for lower-quality food

Body surface temperature responses to food restriction in wild and captive great tits

Embodied time: A shared, ancient heritage

Endogenous programs and flexibility in bird migration

Melatonin and corticosterone profiles under polar day in a seabird with sexually-opposite activity-rhythms

Repeated genomic signatures of adaptation to urbanisation in a songbird across Europe

Divergent patterns of telomere shortening in tropical compared to temperate stonechats

Evolutionary response to climate change in migratory Pied flycatchers

Metaviromics Reveals Unknown Viral Diversity in the Biting Midge Culicoides impunctatus

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1,5 miljoen euro subsidie voor donkerte in het Waddengebied

Slimme nestkastjes meten effect van lichtvervuiling - Kan een koolmeesje in een nachtuil veranderen?

Leden Vogelwacht Uffelte ondersteunen RUG met slim koolmeesnestkastje

Tödliche Gefahr für Vögel am Potsdamer Himmel

Klimaatverandering lijkt van invloed op interne klok bonte vliegenvanger

How to become a morning person: Can you change your night owl tendencies?

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