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Teachers’ personal experiences of sexual initiation motivating their sexuality education messages in secondary schools in Kampala, Uganda

Teachers' professional identities in the context of school-based sexuality education in Uganda-a qualitative study

Linkages between climate change and sexual and reproductive health & rights: a demographic perspective

School-Based Sexuality Education in Tanzania: A Reflection on the Benefits of a Peer-Led Edutainment Approach

Teachers’ conflicting cultural schemas of teaching comprehensive school-based sexuality education in Kampala, Uganda

The political dimension of sexual rights: Commentary on the paper by Chandra-Mouli et al.: a never-before opportunity to strengthen investment and action on adolescent contraception, and what we must do to make full use of it

Exploring linkages between research, policy and practice in the Netherlands: perspectives on sexual and reproductive health and rights knowledge flows

Sexuality education in Uganda: Teachers’ reasoning in a 'morally upright' context

Young people’s perceptions of relationships and sexual practices in the abstinence-only context of Uganda

Perceptions of contraceptives of adolescents in Kampala, Uganda

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Research into how couples negotiate their individual desires to have children

Donateursvragen: Werkt VSO aan geboortebeperking?

Uganda’s new sex education framework will do more harm than good

Uganda’s new sex education framework will do more harm than good

Wetenschappelijke bromance en all you need is love?

Oud-Heiloose promoveert op seksuele voorlichting in Oeganda

Promotie Billie de Haas op seksuele voorlichting in Oeganda

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