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Brief Report: The Relationship Between Eating Disorder Symptoms and Meaning in Life

The (In)flexible self: Psychopathology, mindfulness, and neuroscience

The role of meaning in life in psychological distress during the COVID-19 pandemic

A Brief Life-Purpose Intervention Reduces Trauma-Film Anxiety and Rumination

Alcohol use disorder relapse factors: an exploratory investigation of craving, alcohol dependence severity, and meaning in life

Aversive response to uncertainty as a mediator for the effect of a mindfulness intervention on symptoms of anxiety

Best research practices for using the Implicit Association Test

Fear of the unknown as a mechanism of the inverse relation between life meaning and psychological distress

Mindful yoga intervention as add-on to treatment as usual for young women with major depressive disorder: Results from a randomized controlled trial

Protocol for an RCT on cognitive bias modification for alcohol use disorders in a religion-based rehabilitation program

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Mindfulness and getting unstuck from the webs of habit [Blog]

Meditation: It's not what you think