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Cost-effectiveness of a mindful yoga intervention added to treatment as usual for young women with major depressive disorder versus treatment as usual only: Cost-effectiveness of yoga for young women with depression

Targeting Mechanisms for Problematic Pornography Use Interventions

The effects of a meaning-centered intervention on meaning in life and eating disorder symptoms in undergraduate women with high weight and shape concerns: a randomized controlled trial

Understanding mechanisms of depression prevention: study protocol of a randomized cross-over trial to investigate mechanisms of mindfulness and positive fantasizing as intervention techniques for reducing perseverative cognition in remitted depressed individuals

A Brief Life-Purpose Intervention Reduces Trauma-Film Anxiety and Rumination

Brief mindful yoga intervention fails to prevent depression-related outcomes after a dysphoric affect induction

Brief Report: The Relationship Between Eating Disorder Symptoms and Meaning in Life

Empathic Accuracy, Mindfulness, and Facial Emotion Recognition: An Experimental Study

Psychosocial predictors of distress in East and West Germans during the COVID-19 pandemic

The ethics of yoga in (mental) healthcare: Beyond the traditional Eightfold path

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Mindfulness and getting unstuck from the webs of habit [Blog]

Meditation: It's not what you think