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How to find us prof. dr. B.A.J. (Johannes) Westberg, PhD

prof. dr. B.A.J. (Johannes) Westberg, PhD

Professor of Theory and History of Education, Chair basiseenheid Pedagogiek

Research interests

Westberg promotes the use of historical perspectives and methods within the field of educational research, and has paid special attention to the history of primary schooling and early childhood care and education (ECCE). He has a particular interest in questions regarding the how's and why's of educational expansion, not the least the rise of mass schooling during the 19th century and the expansion of ECCE since the 1960s. As a result, he has published monographs, edited books, textbooks and journals articles covering issues relating to the social and economic history of education; school finance; material culture, school architecture; teachers, teachers' salary and livelihoods, discipline and governmentalities; educational borrowing and educational transfer.



Massutbildning, statistik och kulturellt mörker i debatten om det tidiga 1900-talets folkskola

Skolans kriser: Historiska perspektiv på utbildningsreformer och skoldebatter

Teorier och metoder för utbildningshistorisk forskning

Child Labour, Parental Neglect, School Boards, and Teacher Quality: School Inspector Reports on the Supply and Demand of Schooling in Mid‑nineteenth-century Sweden

Combining Global and Local Narratives: A New Social History of the Expansion of Mass Education?

Förskolans historia

Hundra år av klasskillnad: Ojämlika villkor präglade folkskolan

Lärares mångsyssleri under 1800-talets andra hälft

Pestalozzifesten 1896: En studie av folkskollärarekårens högtidskapital

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Marketization reforms

Who has the right to call him-/herself an author?

The School System must Value True Freedom of choice [Skolan måste värna en verklig valfrihet]

The Government Inquiry Provides Realistic proposals [”Utredningen ger realistiska förslag”]

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