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Family Member, Best Friend, Child or 'Just' a Pet, Owners' Relationship Perceptions and Consequences for Their Cats

Lowering Red Meat and Processed Meat Consumption With Environmental, Animal Welfare, and Health Arguments in Italy: An Online Experiment

Outcome presence and regulatory fit: Competing explanations for the advantage of gains and losses over non-gains and non-losses

Two experimental studies on the differential effects of low and high treatability information on the inclination to engage in cancer prevention

A cross-sectional study of lactation room quality and Dutch working mothers’ satisfaction, perceived ease of, and perceived support for breast milk expression at work

A Mediation Model on How Conspiracy Beliefs Concerning the Corona-Crisis Are Related to Corona-Related Behaviours

Detecting and Preventing Defensive Reactions Toward Persuasive Information on Fruit and Vegetable Consumption Using Induced Eye Movements

Expectations versus Reality: Long-Term Research on the Dog-Owner Relationship

Social-Cognitive Processes Before Dog Acquisition Associated with Future Relationship Satisfaction of Dog Owners and Canine Behavior Problems

A Cross-sectional Analysis of Motivation and Decision Making in Referrals to Lifestyle Interventions by Primary Care General Practitioners: A Call for Guidance

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Ongevaccineerden vaak juist onwetend in plaats van onwillig

Gedragspsycholoog: 'Avondklok is effectieve maatregel gebleken'

Interview in Hersenmagazine

Waarom we in coronatijd vaak zo'n kort lontje hebben (en wat je ertegen kunt doen)

¿Enero seco más difícil? El 11 por ciento ha comenzado a beber más desde corona

Dry January extra moeilijk? 11 procent is meer gaan drinken sinds corona

Dry January extra difficult? 11 percent have started drinking more since corona

Van applaus voor de zorg tot lawaaiprotest bij Rutte, het coronasentiment verklaard

Hoe viert Groningen kerst tijdens corona? 'M'n oma van negentig laat ik niet thuis'

Hygiëne ver te zoeken: 86 procent draagt een vies mondkapje

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