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Healthy cotwins share gut microbiome signatures with their inflammatory bowel disease twins and unrelated patients

Inflammation status modulates the effect of host genetic variation on intestinal gene expression in inflammatory bowel disease

The composition and metabolic potential of the human small intestinal microbiota within the context of inflammatory bowel disease

Whole exome sequencing analyses reveal gene-microbiota interactions in the context of IBD

Characteristics and Dysbiosis of the Gut Microbiome in Renal Transplant Recipients

Gut microbial co-abundance networks show specificity in inflammatory bowel disease and obesity

Gut microbial species and metabolic pathways associated with response to treatment with immune checkpoint inhibitors in metastatic melanoma

Gut microbiota in inflammatory bowel diseases: moving from basic science to clinical applications

Impact of commonly used drugs on the composition and metabolic function of the gut microbiota

Riboflavin Supplementation in Patients with Crohn's Disease [the RISE-UP study]

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