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Mucosal host-microbe interactions associate with clinical phenotypes in inflammatory bowel disease

Transmission and dynamics of mother-infant gut viruses during pregnancy and early life

Association of a Mediterranean Diet With Outcomes for Patients Treated With Immune Checkpoint Blockade for Advanced Melanoma

Faecal metabolome and its determinants in inflammatory bowel disease

Gut feelings: the relations between depression, anxiety, psychotropic drugs and the gut microbiome

Health-related quality of life is linked to the gut microbiome in kidney transplant recipients

Health-Related Quality of Life is Linked to the Gut Microbiome in Kidney Transplant Recipients

Phage-display immunoprecipitation sequencing of the antibody epitope repertoire in inflammatory bowel disease reveals distinct antibody signatures

Phage display sequencing reveals that genetic, environmental, and intrinsic factors influence variation of human antibody epitope repertoire

The emerging role of the small intestinal microbiota in human health and disease

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