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How to find us prof. dr. A.V. (Adelita) Ranchor
University Medical Center Groningen

prof. dr. A.V. (Adelita) Ranchor

Professor of Health Psychology
prof. dr. A.V. (Adelita) Ranchor
+31 50 361 6650 (Telefoon secretariaat; graag contact per e-mail)


Changes in empowerment and anxiety of patients and parents during genetic counselling for epilepsy

Couple-based expanded carrier screening provided by general practitioners to couples in the Dutch general population: psychological outcomes and reproductive intentions

Does social support at home moderate the association between social support at work and work functioning among cancer patients?

Parental experiences of rapid exome sequencing in cases with major ultrasound anomalies during pregnancy

Psychological outcomes, knowledge and preferences of pregnant women on first-trimester screening for fetal structural abnormalities: A prospective cohort study

Psychosocial factors and cancer incidence: a pre-planned metaanalysis of the PSYchosocial factors and CAncer (PSY-CA) consortium

Psychosocial factors and cancer incidence (PSY-CA): Protocol for individual participant data meta-analyses

Puberty induction in boys with CHARGE syndrome and hypogonadism: Experiences of patients and parents

Trajectories of fatigue in cancer patients during psychological care

Understanding care needs of cancer patients with depressive symptoms: The importance of patients' recognition of depressive symptoms

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