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Associativity certificates for Kontsevich's star-product ∗ mod ō(hk ): K ≤ 6 unlike k ≥ 7

The Expansion star mod o (h(4)) and Computer-Assisted Proof Schemes in the Kontsevich Deformation Quantization

Universal Cocycles and the Graph Complex Action on Homogeneous Poisson Brackets by Diffeomorphisms

Formality morphism as the mechanism of $\star$-product associativity: how it works

On the (Non)Removability of Spectral Parameters in Z 2 -Graded Zero-Curvature Representations and Its Applications

Computing symmetries and recursion operators of evolutionary super-systems using the SsTools environment

Infinitesimal deformations of Poisson bi-vectors using the Kontsevich graph calculus

Poisson Brackets Symmetry from the Pentagon-Wheel Cocycle in the Graph Complex

The calculus of multivectors on noncommutative jet spaces

The orientation morphism: From graph cocycles to deformations of Poisson structures

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