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prof. dr. A. (Arthur) ten Cate

Professor of Military History
Profile picture of prof. dr. A. (Arthur) ten Cate

Prof. dr. Arthur ten Cate is a military historian, senior researcher and research manager with the Netherlands Institute of Military History (NIMH) in The Hague. Since september 2019 he is professor for military history at the University of Groningen. Ten Cate authored several books on contemporary military history, among them publications on Dutch peacekeeping operations in the Middle East and the Balkans, as well as a Ph.D. on international interventions in the wars of Yugoslav dissolution (1991-1995). His latest research was on the Dutch participation in military operations in Iraq in the aftermath of the 2003 invasion (published by Leiden University Press in 2014), and on the Netherlands Army Special Forces Regiment and its operations in the post-Cold War era (2016). His current research is on the war in Afghanistan in cooperation with the NIOD Institute for War, Holocaust and Genocide Studies in Amsterdam. Ten Cate frequently speaks at international conferences and has published articles in both national and international academic journals and anthologies. He lectures at universities and military staff colleges, and is editor of the journal Militaire Spectator. He also is a reserve officer (in the rank of Major) in the Royal Nether-lands Army and was deployed to Afghanistan, Mali and an EU Operational Headquarters for the Middle East.

Selection of publications as author or co-author:

“America First, NATO Second. Deciphering the Dutch-American alliance in post-9/11 out-of-area operations”, in: Gordon Friedrichs, Sebastian Harnisch & Cameron Thies, The Politics of Resilience and Transatlantic Order. Enduring Crisis? (Routledge; London and New York 2019) 18-36.

Qua Patet Orbis. The Netherlands Marine Corps in an age of conflict (Den Haag 2017).

Callsign Nassau. Dutch Army Special Forces in action in the ‘New World Disorder’ (Leiden University Press/ University of Chicago Press; Leiden and Chicago 2016).

A Gentle Occupation. Dutch military operations in Iraq, 2003-2005 (Leiden University Press / University of Chicago Press; Leiden and Chicago 2014).

“Invited to See Americans Fight? The Dutch participation in allied military opera tions post-9/11”, in: Niels Bo Poulsen e.a. eds., Coalition Warfare (Cambridge Publishers, Newcastle upon Tyne 2013) 143-159.

“A Gentle Occupation. Unravelling the Dutch Approach in Iraq, 2003-2005”, in: Small Wars & Insurgencies 23-1 (March 2012) 117-143.

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