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Expression and interpretation of emotions in multilingual psychotherapy: A literature review

Interskandinavische Kommunikation

Pronouns in the brain

Regional background and donor-language fluency as predictors of Finnish loanword frequency in Finland-Swedish

Errors or identity markers? A survey study on the use of and attitudes towards finlandisms and fennicisms in Finland Swedish

Is Swedish more beautiful than Danish? Matched guise investigations with unknown languages

Online activation of L1 Danish orthography enhances spoken word recognition of Swedish

Re-examining the /eː-εː/ merger in Finland-Swedish: Regional and stylistic variation

Effects of simultaneous bilingualism and speech style on allophonic variation: A study of Finland-Swedish front rounded vowels [ø:] and [œ:]

Lecturing in L1 Dutch and in L2 English: A pairwise comparison of speech samples of three HE lecturers

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