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Association between prehospital end-tidal carbon dioxide levels and mortality in patients with suspected severe traumatic brain injury

Comparing Motor-Evoked Potential Characteristics of NEedle versus suRFACE Recording Electrodes during Spinal Cord Monitoring: The NERFACE Study Part I

Concentration gradients of monoamines, their precursors and metabolites in serial lumbar cerebrospinal fluid of neurologically healthy patients determined with a novel LC–MS/MS technique

Consensus guidelines, Delphi methods, and evidence around anaesthetic technique for endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography

Development of a pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic model for intranasal administration of midazolam in older adults: a single-site two-period crossover study

Feasibility and optimal choice of stimulation parameters for supramaximal stimulation of motor evoked potentials

Pharmacokinetic and Pharmacodynamic Changes in the Elderly: Impact on Anesthetics

Procedural sedation duration and the relation with formation of atelectasis and respiratory complaints

Processed Electroencephalogram-Based Monitoring to Guide Sedation in Critically Ill Adult Patients: Recommendations from an International Expert Panel-Based Consensus

Reply to "Review on MEP monitoring disregarding D-wave references"

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TIVA/TCI Study Day - East of England Deanery

Adequate sedatie voor geriatrische patiënten

Bewustzijn onder anesthesie komt weinig voor

Kidney donation rates among brain dead donors

Ouderen vaak verward na zware operatie

New Scientist

Kind & Ziekenhuis


"The secret you" (BBC Horizon)

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