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How to find us prof. dr. A.P. (André) Wolff
University Medical Center Groningen

prof. dr. A.P. Wolff

Medical Head UMCG Anesthesiology Pain Centre

# CLaSSICO: Central sensitisation in patients with chronic low back pain radiating to the leg. Th. Vuana Chavez, G.J. Groen, A.P. Wolff 

# Tapentadol in chronic deep somatic and visceral pain, and its effect on sensitisation. A prospective, open label, randomized cross-over study with pregabalin as comparator. A. Madani, I. Schuttert, G.J. Groen, A.P. Wolff

#Precision diagnosis in chronic pain patients. K. de Hoo, G.J. Groen, A.P. Wolff

#Enhancing needle positioning in diagnostic lumbar nerve root blocks by testing paresthesias in the painful areas. V. de Jager, G.J.G Groen, A.P. Wolff

#IMPROVE. Improving perioperative safety. Y. Emond, H.Calsbeek, J. Damen, H. Wollersheim, A.P. Wolff

#MIRROR-SPOT. Identifying peroperative patient unsafety. A. Heideveld-Chevalking, H. Calsbeek, J. Damen, J. Meijerink, A.P. Wolff

#Health Deal Chronic Pain. To Excellent, sensible and economic patient care




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