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Cross-instrument feasibility, validity, and reproducibility of wireless heart rate monitors: Novel opportunities for extended daily life monitoring

Efficacy of early warning signals and spectral periodicity for predicting transitions in bipolar patients: An actigraphy study

Spontaneous baroreflex sensitivity and its association with age, sex, obesity indices and hypertension: a population study

Analysis of the genetic variants associated with circulating levels of sgp130. Results from the IMPROVE study

Diagnostic value of axillary artery ultrasound in patients with suspected giant cell arteritis

Digital arterial pressure pulse wave analysis and cardiovascular events in the general population: the Prevention of Renal and Vascular End-stage Disease study

Effect of a tailored exercise intervention during or after chemotherapy on cardiovascular morbidity in cancer patients

Heritability and genetic correlations of obesity indices with ambulatory and office beat-to-beat blood pressure in the Oman Family Study

Heritability and the Genetic Correlation of Heart Rate Variability and Blood Pressure in >29 000 Families The Lifelines Cohort Study: The Lifelines Cohort Study

Higher Anxiety Is Associated with Lower Cardiovascular Autonomic Function in Female Twins

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