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Association between Lysine Reduction Therapies and Cognitive Outcomes in Patients with Pyridoxine-Dependent Epilepsy

Caring for Ukrainian refugee children with acute and chronic diseases

Dietary Liberalization in Tetrahydrobiopterin-Treated PKU Patients: Does It Improve Outcomes?

Meta-analyses of cognitive functions in early-treated adults with phenylketonuria

Neonatal Long-Chain 3-Ketoacyl-CoA Thiolase deficiency: Clinical-biochemical phenotype, sodium-D,L-3-hydroxybutyrate treatment experience and cardiac evaluation using speckle echocardiography

Defining tetrahydrobiopterin responsiveness in phenylketonuria: Survey results from 38 countries

Effect of BH4 on blood phenylalanine and tyrosine variations in patients with phenylketonuria

Is the Phenylalanine-Restricted Diet a Risk Factor for Overweight or Obesity in Patients with Phenylketonuria (PKU)?: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

Patient's thoughts and expectations about centres of expertise for PKU

Undiagnosed Phenylketonuria Can Exist Everywhere: Results From an International Survey

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