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Advances in the development of entry inhibitors for sialic-acid-targeting viruses

COVID-19 vaccination: the VOICE for patients with cancer

Human plasmacytoid dendritic cells at the crossroad of type I interferon-regulated B cell differentiation and antiviral response to tick-borne encephalitis virus

In vitro assessment of tick-borne encephalitis vaccine: Suitable human cell platforms and potential biomarkers

Characterization of humoral immune responses and degree of protection induced by influenza vaccine in cotton rats: Effects of low vaccine dose and single vs booster vaccination

Comparison of influenza-specific neutralizing antibody titers determined using different assay readouts and hemagglutination inhibition titers: good correlation but poor agreement

Development of an Orodispersible Film Containing Stabilized Influenza Vaccine

Vaccins tegen SARS-CoV-2

A PBMC-Based System to Assess Human T Cell Responses to Influenza Vaccine Candidates In Vitro

Cross-Protective Potential and Protection-Relevant Immune Mechanisms of Whole Inactivated Influenza Virus Vaccines Are Determined by Adjuvants and Route of Immunization

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Spahn will Akzeptanz für Astrazeneca erhöhen : Impfabstand soll kürzer werden – Experten warnen

Astra für alle, Impf-Abstand und Thrombose-News

Impf-Drückeberger: Zu faul für die Zweitdosis?

Impfabstand bei Astrazeneca verkürzen Was das für die Wirksamkeit des Impfstoffes bedeutet

Freigabe von Astrazeneca-Impfstoff: Experten sehen den Schritt kritisch

Astrazeneca-Impfstoff: Darum sind zwölf Wochen Abstand besser

Impfabstand soll kürzer werden: Spahn will Akzeptanz für Astrazeneca erhöhen – Experten warnen

Hoeveel dagen na je vaccinatie ben je beschermd tegen het virus?

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