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Biocompatible Film‐Coating of Magnetic Soft Robots for Mucoadhesive Locomotion

Diamond Color Centers in Diamonds for Chemical and Biochemical Analysis and Visualization

Dynamic in vitro hemocompatibility of oligoproline self-assembled monolayer surfaces

Following Polymer Degradation with Nanodiamond Magnetometry

Functionalized Fluorescent Nanodiamonds for Simultaneous Drug Delivery and Quantum Sensing in HeLa Cells

Intracellular Quantum Sensing of Free-Radical Generation Induced by Acetaminophen (APAP) in the Cytosol, in Mitochondria and the Nucleus of Macrophages

Nanoscale MRI for Selective Labeling and Localized Free Radical Measurements in the Acrosomes of Single Sperm Cells

Relaxometry for detecting free radical generation during Bacteria's response to antibiotics

Relaxometry with Nitrogen Vacancy (NV) Centers in Diamond

Evaluation of Bacterial Adhesion to the ZrO2 Atomic Layer Deposited on the Surface of Cobalt-Chromium Dental Alloy Produced by DMLS Method

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