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dr. A.K. (Aleksandra) Biegun

Rosalind Franklin Fellow (tenure track position)


* Monte Carlo simulations (Geant4) for:
a) proton radiography imaging for more optimum proton stopping powers determination in proton therapy
b) time-of-flight positron emission tomography (TOF-PET) for dose verification in proton therapy
c) prompt gamma radiation for dose verification in proton therapy
* Code-development and Monte Carlo simulations (Geant4, event generators) to test performance of the electromagnetic calorimeter (EMC) of the PANDA(1) detector
* Studies of different decay channels of charmonium for PANDA project
* Experiments in few-nucleon systems with polarized beams 
* Data analysis for d p breakup and elastic scattering reactions (polarized deuteron beam on proton target)

(1) anti-Proton ANnihilation at DArmstadt
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