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dr. mr. A.J.J. de Hoogh

Associate Professor in International Law
Dr. André de Hoogh is associate professor in international law at the University of Groningen. In 1996, he defended his Ph.D. dissertation at the (Radboud) University of Nijmegen, which dealt with the topics of obligations erga omnes and international crimes of State. Having worked for a while at Utrecht University, he transferred to Groningen in 1998. In the following year he served as an international observer, accredited by the UN, to the popular consultation in East Timor to determine the political future of the former Portuguese colony. His publications have focussed on the powers of the Security Council, the Tadić case and attribution of conduct in the law of State responsibility, legislative powers of UN peacekeeping operations, the war against Iraq (2003), the Bush doctrine of pre-emptive self-defence, non-proliferation of nuclear weapons, jurisdiction of States, the rules of treaty interpretation, and jus cogens and the use of armed force.
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