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Asteroid bodies and autophagy

Complementary value of molecular analysis to expert review in refining classification of uncommon soft tissue tumors

Head and Neck Mesenchymal Tumors with Kinase Fusions: A Report of 15 Cases with Emphasis on Wide Anatomic Distribution and Diverse Histologic Appearance

Kinase fusion positive intra-osseous spindle cell tumors: A series of eight cases with review of the literature

Malignant undifferentiated epithelioid neoplasms with MAML2 rearrangements: A clinicopathologic study of seven cases demonstrating a heterogenous entity

Novel EWSR1::GFI1B gene fusion in angiofibroma of soft tissue

Psammomatoid Ossifying Fibroma Is Defined by SATB2 Rearrangement

Mesenchymal Chondrosarcoma of the Head and Neck with HEY1::NCOA2 Fusion: a Clinicopathologic and Molecular Study of 13 Cases with Emphasis on Diagnostic Pitfalls

Microcystic stromal tumour of testis

Dynamic loading of human engineered heart tissue enhances contractile function and drives a desmosome-linked disease phenotype

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