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Experience, knowledge, and performance in entrepreneurship education: Proposing a dynamic learning model

Entrepreneurial cognition and the quality of new venture ideas: An experimental approach to comparing future-oriented cognitive processes

Globalists, Incrementalists and Localists: Looking Inside the Entrepreneurial Mindset to See What Triggers Action

The Determinants of Blockchain Technology Adoption: The Role of Regulatory Uncertainty

Understanding Students’ Ability to Recognize Entrepreneurial Opportunities: The Role of Need for Autonomy and Passion for Inventing

Connecting the literature dots: A literature review on prototypes in entrepreneurship research

The Use of Imagination During Opportunity Recognition and Strategic Decision-Making: A Grounded Theory Study Among Experienced High-Tech Entrepreneurs

On the use of imagination by entrepreneurs

In Search of the “Entrepreneurial Mindset”: Insights from Neuroscience

How do nascent entrepreneurs use imagination in the venture creation process? A weekly diary study

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