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How to find us A. (Alberto) Godioli, PhD


Gadda and the Nineteenth-Century Novel

Cartoon Controversies at the European Court of Human Rights: Towards Forensic Humor Studies

Irony in Court: Marina v. Romania

Thresholds and Tortoises: Modernist Animality in Pirandello's Fiction

Falling stars and sinking ships: Framing and metaphor in cartoons about Brexit

Introduction: European Crises

Mensonges romantiques et vérités romanesques: Gadda lecteur de Stendhal

Towards Globalized Cannibalism: Spectral Citizenship and the New Aesthetics of Precarity

European Literature, Conflict and the Spaces of Modernism

From Geography to Narratology, and Back: Ryan, Foote and Azaryahu’s Narrating Space / Spatializing Narrative

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UMCG-onderzoek naar celveroudering krijgt subsidie

Vidi-beurs voor vijf onderzoekers RUG/UMCG

Meddig mehet el a humor? Korlátozható a szólásszabadság?

LOL: The Limits of Laughter

NIAS fellowship for Maria Boletsi

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