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Practical matters How to find us A. (Alberto) Godioli, PhD


Introduction: Peripheral narratives, minority identities

Where is the child? Refugee narratives in contemporary European popular culture

Different Systems, Similar Challenges: Humor and Free Speech in the United States and Europe

Laughing Matters: Humor, Free Speech and Hate Speech at the European Court of Human Rights

Satire and the law: an interview with German lawyer Gabriele Rittig

The difficulty of judging jests: introduction

Gadda and the Nineteenth-Century Novel

Cartoon Controversies at the European Court of Human Rights: Towards Forensic Humor Studies

Irony in Court: Marina v. Romania

Thresholds and Tortoises: Modernist Animality in Pirandello's Fiction

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Media coverage (LA Times, 23 Dec. 2022)

Comedy and free speech laws no laughing matter

YAG Research Minute: Alberto Godioli