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Over onsWaar vindt u onsA. (Alberto) Godioli, PhD

A. Godioli, PhD

Assistant Professor

In preparation: 

- 'Walking stories and the narrativization of space', Frontiers of Narrative Studies, 2018 (special issue on 'Geographical Narratologies', ed. by Gerald Prince; proposal submitted and accepted).

- ‘The Desert of the Real: Representing Spectral Places in Contemporary Europe’. In Lazzarin, Stefano and Ezio Puglia (eds). Beyond the Spectre: Theory and History of Contemporary Spectrality, 2018 (invited contributor).

- ‘Geographies of the Invisible: Neglected Spaces in Italian Literature and Cinema, from Saviano to Rosi’. Perspectivas de la Comunicación, 2018 (invited contributor).

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