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Are adolescents’ physical activity and body-related factors associated with medically attended injuries?

Are Adverse Childhood Experiences Associated With Being in the System of Care?

Body image, body composition and environment: do they affect adolescents' physical activity?

Does it fit better? Measures of physical activity among adolescents in relation to health indicators

Do Neighbors Have More Peaceful Students?: Youth Violence Profiles among Adolescents in the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, and Slovakia

Family Socioeconomic Status and Adolescent School Satisfaction: Does Schoolwork Support Affect This Association?

Health Literacy and Change in Health-Related Quality of Life in Dialysed Patients

How to make healthy early childhood development more likely in marginalized Roma communities: a concept mapping approach

Job Leaving Intentions of Dentists Associated With COVID-19 Risk, Impact of Pandemic Management, and Personal Coping Resources

Low Health Literacy Is Associated with Poorer Physical and Mental Health-Related Quality of Life in Dialysed Patients

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