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Adolescents with emotional and behavioural problems are at higher risk to become excessive or addicted Internet users: is this association moderated by gender?

Barriers and enablers for sufficient moderate-to-vigorous physical activity: The perspective of adolescents

Mothers in stress: Hair cortisol of mothers living in marginalised Roma communities and the role of socioeconomic disadvantage

Parenting by mothers from marginalized communities and the role of socioeconomic disadvantage: insights from marginalized Roma communities in Slovakia

Perceptions of healthcare providers on benefits, risks and barriers regarding intradialytic exercise among haemodialysis patients

Age and sex differences in the effectiveness of intradialytic resistance training on muscle function

"I could do almost nothing without digital technology": a qualitative exploration of adolescents' perception of the risks and challenges of digital technology

Opportunities to strengthen resilience of health care workers regarding patient safety

Pandemic management impacts Slovak health care workers’ quality of life during the second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic

Technology supports me: Perceptions of the benefits of digital technology in adolescents

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