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Practical matters How to find us prof. A. (Andrea) Madarasová Gecková, PhD


Body image, body composition and environment: do they affect adolescents' physical activity?

Family Socioeconomic Status and Adolescent School Satisfaction: Does Schoolwork Support Affect This Association?

Health Literacy and Change in Health-Related Quality of Life in Dialysed Patients

How to make healthy early childhood development more likely in marginalized Roma communities: a concept mapping approach

The effects of an intradialytic resistance training on lower extremity muscle functions

The role of diabetes mellitus in the effectiveness of intradialytic exercise intervention on patients' muscle function

Does Resilience Mediate the Association of Adverse Early Childhood Experiences With Emotional and Behavioural Problems?

Does Schoolmate and Teacher Support Buffer against the Effect of Adverse Childhood Experiences on Emotional and Behavioural Problems?

Health-Related Quality of Life Profiles in Dialyzed Patients With Varying Health Literacy. A Cross-Sectional Study on Slovak Haemodialyzed Population

The Association of Family-Related Adversity With Fighting in Adolescents: Does Hopelessness Mediate This Association?

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