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Exploration speed in captivity predicts foraging tactics and diet in free-living red knots

Habitat fragmentation induces rapid divergence of migratory and isolated sticklebacks

Maternally-transferred thyroid hormones and life-history variation in birds

An examination of the influence of prenatal sex hormones on handedness: Literature review and amniotic fluid data

Androgen elevation accelerates reproductive senescence in three-spined stickleback

Does genetic differentiation underlie behavioral divergence in response to migration barriers in sticklebacks?: A common garden experiment

Is imitational learning a driving factor for the population bias in human hand preference?

Is maternal thyroid hormone deposition subject to a trade-off between self and egg because of iodine?: An experimental study in rock pigeon

Testing the Darwinian function of lateralization: Does separation of workload between brain hemispheres increase cognitive performance?

The importance of understanding function and evolution

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Waarom worden sommige vogels zo agressief in de lente?

Geen zeehondenkijkwand maar een zeehondenkijkkeet bij de Punt van Reide

The Great Lockdown - UG researchers deal with the corona crisis

Are left-handers more artistic than right-handers?

Minister Schouten wil minder zeehonden in opvang

Mythen over linkshandigheid onder de loep

Zebravinken zingen 'weerbericht' voor hun ongeboren jongen

Linkshandigheid: Van taboe naar trots

Hoe zielig is een 'huiler'?

Rechtshandigen kiezen voor de rechterkant

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