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Does hand skill asymmetry relate to creativity, developmental and health issues and aggression as markers of fitness?

Manipulation of prenatal thyroid hormones does not affect growth or physiology in nestling Pied flycatchers

Prenatal transfer of gut bacteria in Rock pigeon

Temporally consistent species differences in parasite infection but no evidence for rapid parasite-mediated speciation in Lake Victoria cichlid fish

Testing different forms of regulation of yolk thyroid hormone transfer in pied flycatchers

Testing sensory drive speciation in cichlid fish: Linking light conditions to opsin expression, opsin genotype and female mate preference

Testing the short- and long-term effects of elevated prenatal exposure to different forms of thyroid hormones

Testosterone effects on functional amygdala lateralization: A study in adolescent transgender boys and cisgender boys and girls

Avian yolk androgens are metabolized instead of taken up by the embryo during the first days of incubation

Does paternal immunocompetence affect offspring vulnerability to maternal androgens?: A study in domestic chickens

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Geen zeehondenkijkwand maar een zeehondenkijkkeet bij de Punt van Reide

The Great Lockdown - UG researchers deal with the corona crisis

Are left-handers more artistic than right-handers?

Minister Schouten wil minder zeehonden in opvang

Mythen over linkshandigheid onder de loep

Zebravinken zingen 'weerbericht' voor hun ongeboren jongen

Linkshandigheid: Van taboe naar trots

Hoe zielig is een 'huiler'?

Rechtshandigen kiezen voor de rechterkant

Linkshandigen zijn niet creatiever of ongezonder dan rechtshandigen

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